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What is Asirius?

Asirius, founded by a successful entrepreneur with a proven track record of setting up and growing companies, provides personalised and effective support to SME business owners to help them reach their goals. In addition, the company leverages its extensive network to support the funding and acquisition of businesses, predominantly in the automotive sector.

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  • Results-Driven 
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William Hartley


Asirius' Foundations

From its inception in 2019 by founder William Hartley, Asirius’ aim has been to transform companies and drive growth – whether through the provision of knowledge and experience or through investment and acquisition.

With a background in automotive consultancy (most notably ~8 years with Ricardo) and business setup (from importing stamped components and sales of solar panels through to engineering businesses) William has a proven commercial and strategic mindset with many demonstrable successes – most notably hofer powertrain UK Ltd.

William Hartley

In 2013, William setup and grew hofer powertrain UK taking it to being a key automotive powertrain Tier 1 with over 100 employees and UK based technical and production sites. This included complete control of the growth, vision and strategy as well as the implementation and day to day management of the company.

Relating to William’s time as Managing Director of hofer powertrain UK, the hofer Group CTO said:

“William’s drive, enthusiasm, tenacity and exceptional business acumen led to the swift expansion of the UK operation and ultimately led to one of the largest entities within the hofer Group with the most significant and Group transformational projects. His success at establishing and growing hofer powertrain UK directly contributed to quadrupling of the Group size over the seven years as well as leading to joint ventures with significant other parties.”

The knowledge and experience gained through setting up and leading various businesses, most notably hofer powertrain UK, is what forms the bedrock which Asirius delivers from.

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