Business Growth

We collaborate closely with business owners, directors, and senior managers, offering proven expertise, strategic guidance, and hands-on assistance to further stabilise and grow your business. Each engagement is tailored to your specific needs, delivered through personalised interactions or in a more formal capacity such as an Advisory Board Member. 

These services are offered on a fixed price, monthly retainer basis.

Applying our energy and experience to help grow your business

Our commitment extends beyond advising and planning—we can actively implement and execute these strategies within the organisation too. While the specifics vary for each customer, our focus typically spans eight key areas:

  • Management & Operations: Improving your business operations and management systems, helping you streamline your processes and increase efficiency. Understanding where processes are needed and how they align with the KPIs and metrics that the business needs to ensure delivery is aligned with the customer and business expectations.
  • Organisational Structure: Optimising your current organisational structure and helping you align it with your business goals and objectives. Ensuring that it is resilient to change and aligned to the future as well as allowing necessary levels of empowerment and accountability.
  • Business Development: Identifying growth opportunities and developing strategies to take advantage of them. Using our extensive, automotive biased, network to open doors and facilitate introductions. Our goal is to help you expand your customer base, increase revenue and improve profitability without over reliance on any specific customer.
  • Marketing: Working with you to define and implement effective marketing strategies that are aligned with your future business needs and that remain current to the ever-changing market needs and competitor offerings.
  • Market Intelligence: Providing the latest market intelligence to help you stay ahead of the competition. Identifying opportunities and providing insights to help you make informed business decisions.
  • Networks: Providing connections to other businesses, investors and industry leaders. Leveraging our network to help achieve your business objectives.
  • Finance: Providing financial analysis and defining suitable KPIs / metrics to drive the right accountability in the business. Supporting you making informed financial decisions and managing cash flow.
  • Recruitment: Support in defining requirements, assessing candidates and sign posting towards recruitment partners and potential employees.

Over the last few years, and working with a mix of technically biased customers, we have undertaken a broad range of tasks – A few examples are here:

  • Business strategy definition and implementation directly leading to improved profitability and more efficient use of the resources at hand. 

  • Business (and role) structuring to plan for a future raise or complete exit.  

  • Re-organisations with a focus around empowerment of individuals but also with the intent of getting the Managing Director more into a chairing role so they have the time and space to oversee the business. 

  • Working closely with management teams to understand the challenges the business has, defining strategies to resolve them and also communication strategies to implement them in the most positive manner. 

  • Mentoring, coaching and guidance of senior individuals to allow them to have the capability and knowledge to enact the vision of the business in a way that is both empowering and with longevity. 

  • Active management of internal sales teams to optimise process and increase the quality of the CRM opportunities and leads. 

  • Active facilitation of introductions and soft engagement with customers to ensure they have the confidence to progress with the new contact. 

  • Definition of weekly and monthly reporting metrics and the implementation and attendance within review meetings to ensure responsible individuals are held accountable in a friendly and cooperative fashion. 


We have the proven track record, knowledge, experience and tools needed to make your business succeed and would welcome the opportunity to have a discussion to understand more.

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