Investment and Finance

In addition to facilitating business growth through internal strategies and structuring, Asirius also connects businesses seeking investment or financial support with potential investors, funds, individuals, and trade entities interested in investing in businesses.

In the majority of cases, these services are provided on a success fee basis.

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Through Asirius’ extensive network and strategic partnerships, we offer access to a diverse array of options. For companies seeking investment, our capabilities encompass introductions to:

  • Over 70 Venture Capitalists (VCs) and Commercial Venture Capitalists (CVCs), with a primary focus on the automotive and future technology sectors.
  • High Net Worth Individuals (HNWs).
  • Private Equity (PE) firms.
  • Investment funds specialized in startup ventures.
  • Respected and established UK-based corporate finance partners with a global presence.

For investors, Asirius and our partners provide opportunities to:

  • Connect with businesses actively seeking investment; our database typically features 20 to 30 businesses.
  • Access valuable market insights and intelligence.


As part of Asirius’ comprehensive business growth support, our financial expertise spans a broad spectrum. We cover various financial aspects, ranging from commercial strategies for contracts and bids to cash flow management, which includes efficient handling of aged debtors and creditors.

Asirius offers introductions in the following financial domains:

  • Debt Financing: This entails borrowing funds that require repayment with interest over a predetermined period. Common debt financing options encompass bank loans and lines of credit.
  • Asset-Based Financing: Businesses can leverage their assets, such as accounts receivable or inventory, as collateral to secure loans.
  • Extraordinary Asset-Based Financing: Specifically designed for larger loans secured against assets that conventional lenders may be less inclined to consider.
  • Grants and Subsidies: Depending on the business’s nature, it may qualify for grants or subsidies from governmental agencies or non-profit organisations. These funds typically do not necessitate repayment. Prominent examples include opportunities like Innovate, APC, and NVN-based competitions

Please get in touch if we can provide any support in these areas. 

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