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Talent Aquisition



AVANT is a future mobility, talent acquisition business that makes knowledge-led introductions to investors and partners, as well as talent. The business was looking for assistance in structuring and positioning itself to be well placed for growth as well as expanding its offering by having a specific element focussed on investor-based introductions.

Asirius Activity

Structure and Processes

Using core experience from having lived through the startup and growth phase of a number of businesses, Asirius worked with the AVANT team to build in the structure and processes required to move it from a group of colleagues with a shared vision for the future to a professional, market-aligned business. As well as the implementation of reporting metrics and structures, Asirius worked closely with the team members to understand where their greatest value to the business lay and how best for the business to capitalise on it.

Investment Introductions

In addition to this, Asirius setup and enacted the structure to support the AVANT+ business in coordinating automotive technology businesses looking for investment with suitable VC and CVC investors as well as providing direct contacts into corporate finance.

Future Foundations

Overall Asirius has helped AVANT establish a solid foundation for future growth and success.


“William’s experience and commercial mindset was invaluable to us in providing the clarity of understanding and direction we needed to grow the business and deliver quality to customers. His ability to see through all the chaos and succinctly identify the issue, define a solution and implement it all in a timely manner, is unparalleled.”

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Richard Surridge, Managing Director, Avant Future Mobility.

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