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Randle Engineering


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Randle Engineering is a design and development consultancy specialising in the application of core engineering principles to solve complex problems. The business was looking to re-structure and ensure core business elements were aligned to the future in order to capitalise on the significant market pull.

Asirius Activity

Strategic Planning

Asirius worked as part of the senior team supporting the development of a strategic plan and organisational structure that aligned with the business goals and objectives. Asirius also provided market intelligence and experience based insights that helped the Randle team make informed and decisive decisions leading to structured business growth.

Business Development Support

Working closely with the sales and marketing team, Asirius helped develop a database of target customers broken down by business sector, as well the strategy to approach the businesses and the contact details / introductions, as appropriate to facilitate the engagements.

Improved Competitiveness

The provision of the Asirius experience to the senior Randle team allowed the team to focus their efforts on the most critical areas of their business and make important changes that improved their overall efficiency and competitiveness. This, in turn, gave the business confidence to navigate the rapidly changing market and continue to grow with a risk managed profile.


“Having known William for the best part of a decade and seen, first hand, the trajectory he took hofer powertrain UK on, we were keen to get his involvement and guidance, as Asirius, as we transitioned and progressed our business forwards.”

Ally McMahon, CSO and Technical Specialist, Randle Engineering Ltd

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